Fri Jan 24, 2020 19:37
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AIA (1299)
Financial Highlights
HK$m HK$m HK$m
2019 2018 2017
Interim Final Final
Profit & Loss
Turnover 130,292.10 265,345.83 210,709.39
Operating Profit 35,924.61 32,658.19 57,116.25
Pre-Tax Profit/Loss 35,924.61 32,658.19 57,116.25
Net Profit/Loss 30,170.11 24,771.67 47,785.57
Earnings Per Share(cents) 250.67 206.09 398.21
Dividend Per Share(cents) 127.60 123.50 100.00
P/E(X) 31.55 15.90
Dividend Yield(%) 1.75 1.58
Balance Sheet
Total Assets 1,799,771.65 1,684,136.90
Total Liabilities 1,494,288.36 1,356,243.55
Total Equity 308,615.97 330,844.81
HSI: 27,949.64 98.25
0.20 (0.2%)
As of16:15 24 Jan 2020
Open: 83.55 52Wk High: 88.50
Day High: 83.55 52Wk Low: 66.757
Day Low: 82.25 P/E: 40.274
Prev. Close: 82.80 Yield: 1.537%
Volume: 9.32M
Mkt Cap: 1,000.96B
Turnover: 774.07M NAV: 25.295
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35/F, AIA Central, No. 1 Connaught Road, Central Hong Kong

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